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Designing and Implementing our Camel-based mgm Cosmo Router

We recently finished a subproject to integrate our mgm Cosmo insurance software with an external CRM system. Both systems had to exchange XML documents in a reliable and robust manner in order to keep their data in sync. We used Apache Camel as the middleware to handle all the transfers between the Java and .NET based systems. This blog series discusses our solution and shares our experiences with Apache Camel.

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How Google’s Geocoding solves Address Validation

For the e-commerce business, it is very important to have a valid and correct address base. Sending packages to incorrect addresses causes significant losses, since packages are not delivered and sent back. In the case of the Kickz online shop, we faced exactly this problem. Thus, we thought about how to improve and force users to enter correct addresses. Learn how we used Google’s Geocoding service to solve this problem.

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