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Must-Know URL Hash Techniques for AJAX Applications

By coding the page state into the URL, even single-page web applications can support deep bookmarks and the browser’s back button. The most accepted approach is to utilize the location hash, i.e. the local part of the URL. This article explains this technique and what pitfalls you should be aware of, based on my team’s experience from building an AJAX interface for Solr. You will also learn about the HTML5 History API, which is a second, more modern technique.

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Boost your Website with great URLs

The URL of a page is an important SEO factor that influences the relevancy and the position in the search results. And since it is also displayed in the result, users quickly scan the URL to assess the page’s significance. This article shows how to design and structure the URLs of your pages in a way that is helpful to both people and search engines. We also discuss solutions to recover from missing URLs.

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