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Designing and Implementing our Camel-based mgm Cosmo Router

We recently finished a subproject to integrate our mgm Cosmo insurance software with an external CRM system. Both systems had to exchange XML documents in a reliable and robust manner in order to keep their data in sync. We used Apache Camel as the middleware to handle all the transfers between the Java and .NET based systems. This blog series discusses our solution and shares our experiences with Apache Camel.

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Rapid Prototyping with Spring Roo

Spring Roo, a new contender to Grails and Ruby on Rails, provides flexible scaffolding for Spring based applications. We used Spring Roo in a web project to quickly provide working software in order to discuss features and gather feedback. This article shows how we generated an early prototype and transitioned to early development and then to production code.

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Portlets with XForms in Liferay

This posting discusses how we integrated an web application with XForms as one of the main view technologies into a Liferay portal. We were using the Orbeon 3.8 XForms engine, which was introduced in the previous part of this series, and Spring Portlet MVC. Since we were facing quite a few problems and issues regarding Orbeon and Liferay, I go to great length discribing our working solution.

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