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System-specific Security for JIRA and Confluence

In this article we talk about specifics about JIRA and Confluence configuration and system management: aspects that have to be configured by administrators and guidelines to be followed by project-administrators, space-administrators and users. Those guidelines need regular monitoring and communication with your project- and space-administrators or specific users.

Network and Server Security for JIRA and Confluence

JIRA and Confluence are important tools for managing projects and exchanging knowledge in many companies. Since they contain sensitive information, operating them as securely as possible is a must. In this two-part series about the security in Atlassian products we explain general principles of safeguarding JIRA and Confluence and give advice based on best practices. The first part focuses on network and server security and security aspects concerning the installation and basic configuration.

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Securing your Password Database with bcrypt

Do you also spend sleepless nights because you have saved the passwords of your users in clear text or near-clear text (MD5)? We will show you a simple method how you can smoothly migrate your password database to a much more secure format. The transition is transparent to the users and instant, i.e. as soon as you have implemented the process, your passwords are safe. If you still store your passwords in an insecure format, you should convert them to a secure format as soon as possible. Do it now!

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How KICKZ uses Facebook for a better Customer Experience

The KICKZ online store is our latest e-commerce project that has gained a deep integration with Facebook. This blog article presents the four ways to utilize Facebook for a better and smoother customer experience. First we show how customers can use their Facebook accounts for registration and login into the online store using the OAuth 2.0 protocol. Next we discuss accessing the customer data from Facebook’s Open Graph (if user’s permission is given) in order to prefill registration and order forms. And finally, we deal with product reviews and forwarding customer Facebook posts to the Facebook wall of the online store.

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