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On the Quality Benefits of Formal Domain Specific Languages

One of the assets of mgm is dedicated quality for software, including especially portal technology for applications with high-safety and reliance demands. In the first blog within this series, “Using Domain Specific Languages to Implement Interactive Frontends“, we described an approach using a specification language (DSL) family on customer level to specify valid inputs and frontend compu­tations for forms-based interactive or batch systems. Let us continue and focus on the quality benefits of this approach.

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Using Domain Specific Languages to Implement Interactive Frontends

For many years we have dealt with the challenges that frontends with interactive forms pose w.r.t. validation, test data and quality. Describing the requirements in formal Domain Specific Languages (DSL) became the way of choice to create a specification that gives a twofold benefit: first, the customer understands it better, and secondly, the software engineers use the specification not only to implement more resilient software, but also to improve quality assurance. This new series will explain how we do it and why we think it’s the best approach.

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GR8Conf: A gr8t Conference on Groovy based Technologies

On May 17th-19th, I took the opportunity to escape the daily “Java business as usual” on the GR8Conf conference in Copenhagen, Denmark. The three days were packed with the latest information on Groovy related technologies such as Grails, Griffon, Gradle, GPars, Spock etc.

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