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Managing distributed Solr Servers

We use the open-source search server Solr for real-time search on data stored in a Hadoop cluster. For our terabyte-scale dataset, we had to implement distributed search on multiple Lucene index partitions (shards). This article describes our solution to manage 40 independent Solr instances without human interaction, including transparent failover and automatic backup of the Lucene index.

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Realtime Search for Hadoop

In the previous part of this article series we focused on the efficient storage of log data in Hadoop. We described how to store the data in Hadoop’s MapFiles, and we tweaked the configuration settings for increased data storage capacity and greater retrieval speed. Today, we discuss how to perform near real-time searches on up to 36.6 billion log messages by a clever combination of Hadoop with Lucene and Solr.

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Storing log messages in Hadoop

In part 1 of this article series we described the various challenges of dealing with large amounts of logging data in a heavily distributed software ecosystem. After evaluating different approaches, we quickly selected Hadoop as the technology of our choice. In this article we will describe how some pitfalls we had to solve when using Hadoop to store log messages.

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