Series ‘The Art of Search Engine Optimization’

What’s Important for a Robot

Designing a website nowadays always includes the task of optimizing the website for search engines. Otherwise you might have designed a brilliant website but nobody will be able to find it! Ideally, your site will be in the top 10 search results, i.e. on the first page. This blog series by Marcus Günther and Oliver Schmidt describes how to attain this goal. The first lesson is to master the art of being crawled by a search engine robot.

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Boost your Website with great URLs

The URL of a page is an important SEO factor that influences the relevancy and the position in the search results. And since it is also displayed in the result, users quickly scan the URL to assess the page’s significance. This article shows how to design and structure the URLs of your pages in a way that is helpful to both people and search engines. We also discuss solutions to recover from missing URLs.

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Concise Guide to HTML Head Tags

Serious on-site optimization begins with the head tags of your HTML documents. For example, up to 150 characters from the description are displayed on the search result pages. This article gives a concrete guideline for writing the HTML head section. You will also learn the meaning of important and even some mysterious meta tags, e.g. GEO values, and find out what is now deprecated.

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