Series ‘Rethinking Web Forms with XForms’

Why XForms might be a Winner

mgm develops several large scale web applications containing hundreds of forms, e.g. the e-government portal ElsterOnline Portal. Design, implementation, test, and maintenance of these forms implies significant effort. We are currently evaluating different technologies – including XForms, Wicket and JSF (ICEfaces) – that could help us to reduce these efforts, to improve quality and set the framework for our next generation web forms-centric applications.

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Test-driving XForms with Orbeon

In this second installment, we conclude our evaluation of XForms implementations and explain why we ultimately preferred the Orbeon engine. I walk you through a XForms sample to explain essential concepts. My team has spent quite a lot of time understanding the Orbeon architecture and I discuss our findings, including separate-deployment configuration and state handling.

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Portlets with XForms in Liferay

This posting discusses how we integrated an web application with XForms as one of the main view technologies into a Liferay portal. We were using the Orbeon 3.8 XForms engine, which was introduced in the previous part of this series, and Spring Portlet MVC. Since we were facing quite a few problems and issues regarding Orbeon and Liferay, I go to great length discribing our working solution.

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