Series ‘A Practitioner’s Guide to Successful Software Testing’

Developers, Don’t Write Functional Tests!

Over the past few years I have noticed that the distinction between functional tests and unit tests has blurred in a lot of projects. I think that using the features of modern testing frameworks like JUnit and TestNG to push functional tests into unit tests is the wrong approach, because it shifts the focus of the test from the test perspective to the development perspective. In this blog post, I explain in detail how I have come to this conclusion.

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Why Functional Tests don’t belong in a Build Environment

The previous part discussed why a unit test for a class should be written by the developer of that class, and why a functional test should be created by an independent tester. This posting argues that functional tests should not be part of the build process of the product, but instead should be developed and executed separately. For this, I give guidelines for setting up an independent validation system.

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