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System-specific Security for JIRA and Confluence

In this article we talk about specifics about JIRA and Confluence configuration and system management: aspects that have to be configured by administrators and guidelines to be followed by project-administrators, space-administrators and users. Those guidelines need regular monitoring and communication with your project- and space-administrators or specific users.

Network and Server Security for JIRA and Confluence

JIRA and Confluence are important tools for managing projects and exchanging knowledge in many companies. Since they contain sensitive information, operating them as securely as possible is a must. In this two-part series about the security in Atlassian products we explain general principles of safeguarding JIRA and Confluence and give advice based on best practices. The first part focuses on network and server security and security aspects concerning the installation and basic configuration.

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Test Management with JIRA

In this first blog post of our series on Atlassian tools and 3rd-party plugins for Atlassian tools, we’ll have a close look on how to do test management in JIRA. You will get an insight in first thoughts and ideas when organizing tests and which main requirements are the bottom-line for test management in JIRA. After this we will show which types of test management plugins are available for JIRA. We will have a closer look on the specific functions of two representative examples and compare them with each other. And finally we will give you some hints on how to find the right plugin for your tests.

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Practical Customer Participation in JIRA Workflows

This second part of our blog series continues with the topic of direct involvement of customers and gives some practical examples of when, where and how to introduce and include your customer into JIRA. We will then discuss two of mgm’s proven real-world workflows and use them as case studies about appropriate modes for successful customer participation. You will also learn about our recommended ways of keeping the complexity of huge JIRA projects from the customer.

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Successfully Embracing JIRA in the whole Project Lifecycle

This two-part series shows how JIRA can be used for other things than just bug tracking and presents mgm’s experiences with embracing JIRA in nearly all parts of traditional and agile project lifecycles, resulting in a number of customized, optimized JIRA workflows and processes. In this first part, I will give you an overview of challenges we faced over the years and how we adapted JIRA to meet them. You will get a taste of the vast variety of uses we have found for JIRA and understand why we decided to use only one tool instead of many.

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