Ursula Bauer

Getting the most out of LiquiBase

This last part of the series, we focus on successful database schema evolution with LiquiBase. You will learn about LiquiBase features that we find most useful in our projects. This article also gives a roundup of our best practices and tips, like how to include custom SQL and stored procedures and how to use LiquiBase with different DBMS products.

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Using Power Architect and Liquibase Efficiently

In the first part of this blog series, I have motivated the combined usage of SQL Power Architect and LiquiBase. This part takes a closer look on how to actually work with our tool-chain. My colleague Thomas Kellerer, who is also involved in the Power Architect development, provides some great tips and tricks.

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A Powerful Combo: Power Architect and LiquiBase

Using the open source tools Power Architect, LiquiBase and Subversion, we have built an integrated tool chain for data modeling and database script management for various DBMS products. The evolution of the data model is guided by a change process on top of the tool chain. In this first part of the series, I introduce the tool-chain and discuss its benefits such as portability, reuse, and generated documentation.

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