Dr. Hans-Martin Adorf

Effective and Efficient Techniques for a Rule-Based Test-Data Generator

This part explains some of the sophisticated software technology that is working behind the scenes in our rule-based test-data generator for form-centric applications. You will see that a simple enumeration of all possible ways to fill in a form is likely doomed to run longer than the age of the universe. Therefore more efficient techniques are needed to make the seemingly impossible possible.

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Producing High-Quality Test Data

This part addresses the question what makes test data valuable for functional tests. You will understand the important concept of extreme and special values, and how to obtain test data that is highly compressed and also attains a high test coverage. The article also explains our novel idea for constructing a generator for such high-quality test data.

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Form Validation with Rule Bases

A lot of our web applications contain a large number of forms with hundreds of fields and complex cross-field constraints. mgm’s quality assurance team uses rule bases and automatic form validation to verify the correctness of these apps. This blog series discusses the challenges in generating test data for this verification and explains our automated process for producing masses of test data by utilizing the rule bases.

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