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Network and Server Security for JIRA and Confluence

JIRA and Confluence are important tools for managing projects and exchanging knowledge in many companies. Since they contain sensitive information, operating them as securely as possible is a must. In this two-part series about the security in Atlassian products we explain general principles of safeguarding JIRA and Confluence and give advice based on best practices. The first part focuses on network and server security and security aspects concerning the installation and basic configuration.

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Increasing the Portability of a Linux Application

The existence of hundreds of different Linux distributions causes a challenge for software producers: How to provide a product for Linux as one single build only, but at the same time maximize the number of supported distributions? In this article, we first discuss a variety of approaches to tackle this portability issue and their applicability to one of our closed-source products. Then we explain our choice for a build and publication scheme that involves the Linux Standard Base (LSB), a collection of standards provided and maintained by the Linux Foundation. Finally, we share our experiences with this LSB approach in production, including insights on its practicability as well as on inherent problems.

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