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Efficient QA through “Very Early Testing”

This two-part article describes the successful introduction of a proven methodology for quality assurance on the development side according to the principle “Very Early Testing” with ERiC (ELSTER Rich Client), a project done by mgm technology partners together with the Bavarian Tax Administration (Bayerisches Landesamt für Steuern) and their teams. Within the framework of ELSTER [1] all software producers are provided with the library ERiC by the German tax authorities and it is embedded in all commercial and governmental software to file tax reports. It validates, compresses and encrypts tax data for the communication with the tax authorities. More than 100 million tax reports are filed via ERiC every year. Due to tax legislation ERiC development must meet rigid requirements.
The article’s first part describes the very efficient QA method of “Very early Testing”. Its second part shows in detail the introduction of the method to the ERiC project.

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