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Hudson’s Top Code Analysis Plugins

Hudson can be extended in every possible way by a whopping 350+ plugins! We were most impressed with the code analysis suite. This set of plugins helped us to significantly increase the efficiency of our code review process, and to improve our code quality. In this article, we share our experience with the suite and introduce many of the great code analysis features.

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Boost your Website with great URLs

The URL of a page is an important SEO factor that influences the relevancy and the position in the search results. And since it is also displayed in the result, users quickly scan the URL to assess the page’s significance. This article shows how to design and structure the URLs of your pages in a way that is helpful to both people and search engines. We also discuss solutions to recover from missing URLs.

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Guice up Hibernate with Warp Persist

Warp Persist is a persistence integration library for Google Guice. It comes with built-in support for Hibernate, JPA, and db4o. Warp Persist proved to be lightweight and unobstrusive. Especially useful in our case was its runtime support for multiple databases, besides other features, such as declarative transactions or dynamic finders.

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