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Setting up Hudson for small Teams

Our Java project team has only three developers. We liked the idea to have our tests and builds run automatically and to have a central dashboard. However, we didn’t want to invest much time and expected a continuous integration server to be overkill. But as we started to play around with Hudson, we were quite amazed: the system was up in 5 minutes, including builds, tests, and e-mail notification.

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What’s Important for a Robot

Designing a website nowadays always includes the task of optimizing the website for search engines. Otherwise you might have designed a brilliant website but nobody will be able to find it! Ideally, your site will be in the top 10 search results, i.e. on the first page. This blog series by Marcus Günther and Oliver Schmidt describes how to attain this goal. The first lesson is to master the art of being crawled by a search engine robot.

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Storing log messages in Hadoop

In part 1 of this article series we described the various challenges of dealing with large amounts of logging data in a heavily distributed software ecosystem. After evaluating different approaches, we quickly selected Hadoop as the technology of our choice. In this article we will describe how some pitfalls we had to solve when using Hadoop to store log messages.

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